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    GRE: Greece Real estate LTD
    CNP J Number: 514680941
    From Hadar st. Number 40 Caesarea
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    The company provides to her customers that are interested in buying property in Greece for any purpose, comprehensive service assistance in finding and selecting the right property, property acquisition, property renovation and / or construction of property.

    Services provided by the company, which are included in the substitution:

    Detection of assets  

    The company specializes in locating assets for customers in Greece, including:

    • Checking the property as suitable for the customer needs and goals.
    • Engagements with local surveyor to measure the property by an engineer or measuring architectural plans if the property is built;
    • Checking the property and obtaining regulatory approvals for the property limits and for restrictions on it as required;
    • Obtaining a signed approval of neighbors for the asset  for sale, as required;
    • Forensic examination of the property including historical investigation of registration and the lack Liens and / or mortgaging, taxes fines  and / or restricted right of a third party;
    • Negotiations with the owners of the property for sale.
    Architectural accompaniment The company assists its customers with Architectural accompaniment in the process of interior design and / or planning of the new building.
    Working with the authorities in Greece Working with the various authorities in Greece, including taxes, building, forests, and local authorities and so on. It is hereby clarified that the Company is not responsible for accepting certification and / or making all the different registrations.                            The Company role is only to help their obtaining.
    Construction The company offers its customers a contractor/engineer that will be selected through a tender for the construction of a new building and / or renovation of an existing  structure. It is hereby clarified that, the contract with the contractor will be made by the customer and the customer will bear the costs of the contractor.
    Accounting and legal accompaniment The Company offers its customers accounting guidance in Greece, including:
    • Assisting and accompanying the opening of a bank account in Greece;
    • Local CPA knowledgeable with local tax laws.
     It is hereby clarified; the customer shall bear all costs associated with opening a bank account and / or contract with a local CPA.
    • Basic legal advice by the company's attorney.