"Ofek" Project

Lefkada, Greece

Project Sold!

In the western part of the island of Lefkada, near the village of Athani, the "Ofek" project will sit on 15.6 acres of a beautiful land overlooking a breathtaking sunset.


  • The project is located a short drive from a town with taverns and shops.
  • The building rights in the project are for “nature houses”/modern villas, which will be merged with the topography of the land, in order not to damage the breathtaking landscape.
  • With easy car access by car to the most 3 beautiful beaches on Lefkada Island.
  • 8 modern villas that sit on plots of 700 Sq.m up to 2.7 acres with building rights for a modern villa between 110-170 square meters.

Each unit includes:

  • Between 2 to 5 bedrooms + spacious living room. The investor has the freedom to choose how much to build and can plan and change the interior of the villa.
  • An outdoor terrace of 350 m² to 460 m².
  • Infinity pool of 40 m².

The team:

  • The project was prepared by a top engineer and the best contractor on the island, together with a leading architectural firm.
  • The project is accompanied by a leading law firm.

The project stages:

  • The construction has begun.
  • The company will be trusted on all matters of management and supervision until and after the key is received.
  • Option of rent management by us if the customer is interested.
  • Expected beginning of construction – April 2020

Costs and Potential:

  • *Last 2 units left*
  • Units left for sale cost from € 430,000, for 150 Sq.m villa.
  • After completion of the construction, the potential for improvement for the investor is between 25% and 30% on the cost of the property.
  • Option for regular rental yield.

*The data appearing in the presentations are illustrative only and may change

Construction of Phase one - "digging"

interested? Leave details and we'll get back to you.

* The information on this page is preliminary and may change
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