Construction supervision

What does the construction inspector's role include?

– Checking proper work processes, checking proper working materials and preventing shortcuts in execution.
– Confirm the completion phase before transferring payment to the contractor.
– Controlling the contractor’s work according to the technical specifications.
– Providing professional solutions during work and if there are cheaper options to do with saving money.
-Publish a monthly report to the job commissioner and provide weekly reports on relevant things.
– To be the “professional eyes” of the job-commissioner.

Milestones for inspecting during the construction project:

  • The excavation phase and preparation of the area for construction.
    Skeleton-phase inspection, height tests, climbing tests, concrete castings, plumbing and electrical plumbing (if needed).
  • Step Sealing of exterior walls and slippery roofs and preparation of the area before execution, proper application of the material, tests after execution, closure of soil fill after approval.
  • Plumbing, Electricity, Air Conditioning – Good workflow testing against plans.
    Drainage and drainage heights are correct.
  • Concrete infrastructure works after approving clients and architects and providing green light for execution of Tecal.
  • Interior and exterior flooring – heights, heights, gradients, diagonal, work wellness etc.
  • Exterior plaster work – Checking proper plaster materials, corners and lumber suitable for the wet environment.
  • Curing performance tests.
  • Plasterwork – Checking suitable materials for the interior and wet rooms such as “Aqua Panel” or equivalent.
  • Correct working test for cracking the “seams” of the connections.
  • Spechtel Paint – A clean finish test without “waves” seen in night or natural lighting.
  • Checking the integrity of the products and checking the installation of aluminum / interior doors / entry doors / frames.
  • General frame tests in the welding zones whether there is zinc.
  • Development and Exterior Area – Execution of plans subject to plans, examination of supporting walls according to plans, proper stone cladding work and a beautiful finish, restoration of the area and / or landscaping according to plan, irrigation systems, electrical systems in public areas.
  • Making access paths, car parking, paving access roads to units.

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